And the winner is….

 #75 Bella Rocchi – over on Facebook.  Thanks for taking part you guys :O)




I know I moan about Facebook a whole lot, but it can be very useful.  I have just set up a new group.  It gives people the opportunity to sell their dolly duds and sundries without having to pay selling fees, or run an online store. New/used, as long as it’s doll related.  (um, I wonder how long it will take FB to decide they could be making more money, and start charging us!)

This was the idea of another facebook user, on the back of annoyance’s from other facebookers;  the Dolly Adoption group was getting bogged down with all this stuff, consequently making it hard to find the dolls for sale.

If you are on Facebook,  come and join the group.  If you are not on Facebook, but have some dolly duds and sundries you want to sell or trade, let me know, and I’ll add them on your behalf.  Likewise, if you have a doll you wish to sell, give me a shout)

Here is the banner of the group and link ~ (click on the banner to get to the FB group)


Happy New Year all X

PS – I see there are adverts all over this page – don’t click on any links accept the banner.  It’s the only one I have added.  Grrrr.